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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. "How much are gradings?" We have decided to make all gradings for kids 100% FREE. We understand costs can add up so this is our way of helping. All children will still receive a certificate once passing a grade. Gradings are a great way to improve a child's confidence and show mark of progression. We don't agree with most Wing Chun Kung Fu schools who charge you an extra fee for this achievement.
  2. "How much are classes?" Classes are £45 per month via standing order, we only have 1 price point. Many places you’ll find the costs increase as your child moves up the ranks, which we feel is not necessary. All the costs will be made clear from the start.
  3. "Do you use contracts or billing companies?" No we do not use contracts or billing companies to collect fees. All payments will be make via standing order which you’ll be in full control of. We won’t use contracts all we ask is for is 1 months notice if you decide it’s not for you.
  4. "How big are the classes?" Classes will be capped at 15 children with two adult instructors per class who hold the latest fully enhanced DSB checks. More doesn't always mean better! Small classes give your child the time to learn and have more time with the instructors.
  5. "Do you have rewards schemes?" Yes! we give free monthly positive rewards to one of the children in the class, which will help not only behaviour in class, but also at home and school. We aim to work with you by giving you a little piece of the class to take home in terms of our reward scheme. Our instructors will explain this in full on your child's free trial lesson.
  6. "So how are you different from the rest?" Well aside from giving free gradings to all children, limiting the classes to only 15 children, having fully trained adult instructors with over 15 years experience, not forcing you to sign yearly contracts, we also give out interactive certificates which can be used with any smart phone, keep our prices at a fixed point and teach pure Wing Chun. Many clubs teach kids all sorts of weapon forms like nunchucks and swords which have nothing to do with the Art at all. We feel this only slows down the progress when the time could be used to teach real Wing Chun Kung Fu. This is why we teach the Luk Dim Boon Kwan (Six-and-a-Half Point Pole Form) in the advanced children's levels.
  7. "How do I claim my free trial?" Click the locations page to contact one of our instructors and they will take care of you and get you booked in for your child's first lesson.
  8. "Will my child get hurt?" All our classes are taught in a very safe, controlled manner. The chances of your child getting hurt or injured are very low!
  9. What should my child wear on the first lesson? Something they feel comfortable in, loose training bottoms and a T-Shirt will be fine.
  10. What do I do now? Just fill in your information on the contact form on this page and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Or to book in your free trial lessons simply go to the locations page at the top.

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